Half A Dozen Devilish Books


Devils and demons are a staple of horror literature, and I adore them in novels, novellas, and short stories. Funny enough, I feel the opposite about demonic possession in films. There are a thousand-and-one possession movies, and all of them use more or less the same plot, same tricks. But the written word is full of possibilities. It doesn’t suffer the restrictions of film and gives us room to examine the idea of demons from varying viewpoints. The loss of control, the loss of one’s self, is so frightening in a horror book.

Lately, I’ve read a lot of novels based around this very idea – possession, the devil, and ancient evil. I enjoyed each title, though no two were alike. Here are some of them – a list I’m calling Half A Dozen Devilish Books.

Come Closer

by: Sara Gran

come closer

I decided to buy this book when…

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Halloween Treat – The Jester: a short horror film


Happy Halloween!

Yes! It’s almost that special time of year. The pumpkins have all been picked. The fake webs are in the bushes. The candy is atop the fridge. Now, we settle in for some good old fashioned scary movies and wait for the trick or treaters to come.

Speaking of trick or treaters, the villain in this short film does not take lightly to skipping out on Halloween. Tisk, tisk, tisk. You better celebrate, or risk a run-in with The Jester…

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Furious Sound #010- HALLOWEEN!

The Devil's Lair


It’s “hilarious Halloween hi-jinks” as an uninvited pest arrives at Citizen Matt’s lair, and gets relentlessly tricked and treated! A ghastly 90+ minutes of punk tunes and chicanery ensues with Agent Orange, The Undead, Electric Frankenstein, Misfits, The Lillingtons, Zeke, The Quintessentials, Screeching Weasel, and many more. Pour yourself a Bloody Mary, pull up a chair, and help me get rid of this jerk!

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The “Indiscriminate Sound” of Modern Music

The Devil's Lair

I recently started using a term that I’ve found to be brutally accurate when attempting to articulate my thoughts on modern music.

“Indiscriminate sound.”

It was a “eureka” moment of clarity. Those two words perfectly encapsulated my feelings on what has passed for “popular” music for at least the duration of the current decade, and likely longer. I’d like to speculate on when things went wrong for pop music, but I’ll leave that to scholars with the patience to do so. I’d prefer just to tune it out, but since music is the most dominant part of my life, both writing and listening to it, I will offer forth my opinion. I don’t feel that music owes me anything, but I do feel that I need to take up for it when it’s being pulverized into dust and sold as “instant breakfast” to be gulped down either haphazardly, or by…

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Thrift Store HORRORS!

The Devil's Lair

Every so often you run across something that is less “horror”, and more “intrigue”.

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2017-08-21 15.06.25

So, my question is…Was this a legitimate piece of movie memorabilia just sitting around at the thrift store?

In case you’re wondering, no. I didn’t Google it or buy it while I was there. The cases (there were two) were empty and, in typical fashion, I just mocked it and took a picture. In my defense, I thought it was porn.

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Furious Sound #001- First Episode!

The Devil's Lair

Join me, Citizen Matt, over at Radio Free Satan for the first ever episode of Furious Sound, Hardcore Punk Radio!

“This week on Furious Sound, it’s Episode #1! “The Pilot” features tracks from DOA, Dag Nasty, Career Suicide, The Quintessentials, The Clash, The Adicts, Adrenalin O.D., Bad Brains, Youth of Today, SSD, The Ramones, and many more! Join Citizen Matt as he navigates the world of short songs, fast beats, and entirely far too many sub-genres.”

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